Homemade Bubble Paint Recipes

We love making our own paints.  The process is fun, and each paint recipe provides kids with unique art experiences and ways to play.  Here are three ways to make paint using bubble bath.  We buy ours at the Dollar Tree, making these easy to make paints very frugal.

Bubble Paint Recipes
3 EASY Paint Recipes Using Bubble Bath
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Bubble Paint

  • Bubble bath
  • Food coloring or washable watercolors
  • Water
Mix equal parts of water and bubble bath together along with a drop or two of food coloring or watercolors.  We always mix ours in a muffin tin which works perfectly for making a variety of colors.  Use a straw to blow into the paints to create bubbles before giving to kids. 

BUBBLE Paint- what could be more fun than painting and creating art with colorful bubbles?
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This is one of my girls favorite paints!  They love painting with the colorful bubbles.  This paint is great for use in or out of the bath.  Give older kids a straw, and they will delight in making more bubbles in the paint as they play.  You can also give kids paper to press over the bubbles to create bubble print art.


Homemade Shimmer Paint
  • Bubble bath
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter
Mix the above ingredients in a container.  Give kids paint brushes, and they will delight in making art the sparkles and shimmers.  This paint dries glossy and silky with a really neat texture.

Make art the sparkles and shines with homemade SHIMMER Paint- This paint dries glossy and silky with a really neat texture
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It is so pretty and sparkly, making it a big hit with my glitter loving girls

Homemade paint recipes

Bath Time Squirty Paint
  • Bubble Bath
  • Water 
  • Food coloring
  • Squirt bottles
This is a variation of the above paint and one of my girls favorites.  The ingredients are the same, but the paint is completely different and creates new ways to paint and play.  Mix the ingredients together in squirt bottles.  I usually add varying amounts of bubble bath and water to create different paint textures.

Bath Time SQUIRT Paint

Rosie and Jewel love squirting this paint into their bath water to make their own bath bubbles.  It is also fun to squirt on the walls to create art.  You can even make fun designs in the water and on the walls as you play.

You can make all three of these paints several times with a single bottle of bubble bath. You can find a variety of bubble baths at the Dollar Tree including tear free varieties.

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