Smoking Boo Bombs Halloween Activity

We recently put a fun spin on traditional smoke bombs and made colorful sidewalk smoke bombs.  Rosie and Jewel had so much fun with those that I made another batch of smoke bombs, this time with a fun Halloween spin.

Boo Bombs Halloween Activity 
Smoking BOO Bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kids.  These are easy to make and cost next to nothing, always a bonus.

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These smoking boo bombs were simple to make, and you only need a few materials.  They also cost next to nothing to put together which is always a bonus.  Frugal FUN!

Boo Bombs Materials List
  • Hollowed out eggshells (recycled from when you make eggs)
  • A black marker
  • Baby powder (you could try substituting flour/baking soda if you prefer but it may not smoke as much)
  • White tissue paper
  • A glue stick

Any of the supplies you don't already have on hand can be found at the Dollar Tree except for the eggs.  As for the eggs, we just save our shells as we eat them.  All you have to do is gently tap the top of the eggshells with a butter knife, making a hole big enough for the egg to pass through.  Then you will want to rinse the inside of the shells with antibacterial soap and water (A more detailed tutorial on how to make the hollowed eggshells can be found here)

Once you have your hollowed eggs use a marker to draw ghost faces on the shells.  Then fill them with baby powder

How much you fill the eggs is really up to you.  We filled some half way and some all the way to create different effects when thrown.

Once the eggs are filled carefully seal the tops by placing tissue paper over the opening.  Use a glue stick to cover one side of the tissue paper and gently press it over the opening.  Works GREAT!

Smoking BOO bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kids

That's it!  Then it is time to PLAY!

smoking bombs

Kids LOVE getting to toss eggs freely at the pavement.  Just look at those smiles

smoking bombs

As the boo bombs are tossed they will create ghostly clouds of smoke

smoking bombs

Smoking BOO Bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kids.

Kids think this is just the coolest thing

Smoking BOO Bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kids

I always advise Rosie and Jewel to toss the smoke bombs out and not at their feet.  That way they can enjoy the ghost smoke show without breathing it in.  If you try this activity I recommend you do the same as it is not safe to inhale baby powder.

Smoking BOO Bombs
Smoking BOO Bombs- a super fun Halloween activity for kid

A fun Halloween activity for kids!

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