Popping Rice Sensory Play

We have been having lots of fun adding sound to playtimes by using Pop Rocks.  So far we have made a sound volcano, popping GOOP, and crackle foam.  Along this same thinking, today I set up a simple POPPING playtime using a different material.  This activity was especially perfect for baby Jewel.

Popping Sensory Play

Popping rice sensory fun for kids.  This rice is GREAT FUN dry.  Add water for sensory play with sound effects.  Give kids spray bottles of colored water to and let them paint the popping rice - talk about a FUN canvas!
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Ok, ok, so Jewel isn't quite a baby anymore, but this playtime is perfect for even the littlest of littles, and fun for school-age children, too.  Truly fun for all ages!

Jewel began by exploring the popping rice by itself

Popping rice sensory play

Even dry this is an amazing sensory material

Popping rice sensory play

Popping Rice sensory FUN for kids

Painting the popping rice with colored water is also lots of fun and makes for quite a unique canvas

Paint popping rice.  A canvas with sound effect; TOO COOL!

I mean a canvas with sound is just too cool, right?

The biggest fun of all is when you add water play to the mix

Popping Rice sensory fun- super FUN!

As kids add the popping rice to the water it makes cool sound effects as it fizzles between tiny fingers

Popping rice sensory play

Such fabulous sensory fun!

This play time was so fun for Jewel and so simple.  You have probably figured out by now what we used to make this popping rice sensory playtime.  It's Rice Krispies- that's it!  A small box of cereal, a bowl of water, a spray bottle of colored water.....and TONS of fabulous fun and exploration!  

Popping Rice Sensory Play
Super Simple Sensory FUN!

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