Pine Cone Pour Painting

Today we are falling into more sensory play alongside Mess for Less.  Vicky and I have been having a lot of fun coming up with fun Fall activities.  So far we have made apple volcanoes, tried apple paint bowling, whipped up a silly pumpkin putty, and created pumpkin sensory pies.  Today, we are both sharing how we had fun with pine cones.

Pine Cone Pour Painting

Pine cone pour painting- a super fun way for kids to create art in the Fall and the creations are BEAUTIFUL!

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Vicky and her girls tried a pine cone splatter painting technique, and we tried our hand at a bit of pine cone pour painting.  All you need for this activity is paint, paper, and pine cones.  We used a bit of play dough to stand our pine cones up on poster board, but I am sure you could use other things to get the pine cones to stand up-right.  I just took a small ball of play dough, stuck it to the paper, and then stuck the pine cone in to secure it.  This worked great!

Pour painting is so fun and creates such beautiful works of art!  Kids love that they can pour and squirt lots of paint freely. 

Pine cone pour painting- super FUN Fall art for kids!

The pour painting technique is exactly what it sounds like.  The idea is to pour paint on top of a tall object.  Continue pouring varying colors directly on top of each other.   As you layer on more paint in different colors, beautiful art is created
Pine Cone Pour Painting- a FUN way for kids to create art this Fall.  These pine cones make great Fall decor for the home, too

pine cone painting

 Rosie had so much fun and painted lots of pine cones

painting pine cones

The pools of paint are always so beautiful!

After Rosie painted her pine cones she sprinkled them with delightful Fall spices to give them a scent

pine cone painting

All the pine cones turned out so pretty!  They smell amazing, too!  Once dry we will be hanging them in our windows using yarn. 

Pour painting uses a bit more paint than other activities, but it is totally worth it.  We never let the residual paint go to waste, either.  Once Rosie was all done with her pour painted pine cones, she had a blast finger painting and using the left over pine cones as a brush.

pine cone painting

painting with pine cones

Pine Cone Pour Painting
A FUN way to create art this Fall

I love how Vicky painted with her pine cones.  Head on over to see the fun they had creating 

Check back later this week for more Fall FUN!

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Pine Cone Pour Painting- a fun way for kids to create art this Fall
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