How to Make a Sound Volcano

Yesterday we shared a simple recipe for making Pop Rock paint.  That paint was SO FUN that I knew it was just the beginning of our Pop Rock play.  Pop rocks are so neat and would make such a fun addition to tons of play times.  We have already tried a few fun things, one being a Sound Volcano!

How to make a Sound Volcano
How to make a sound volcano in three easy steps- a volcano that erupts AND has sound effect?  TOO FUN!
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Baking soda and vinegar is one of our favorite ways to play.  We have created so many fun activities from these simple ingredients, and still, we find more.  Adding Pop Rocks to baking soda and vinegar was super COOL!  What kid wouldn't want to make eruptions that pop and fizzle as they erupt and bubble?

We started by testing the Pop rock eruptions to see if they would in fact POP.  They sure did and way more than we were expecting!

pop rock eruptions

I know you can't tell in the photo, but believe me, these eruptions were POPPING!  All you have to do is mix a bit of Pop Rocks into your baking soda before adding the vinegar to make your eruptions.  You can add food coloring if desired.  Once the vinegar mixes with the baking soda and Pop rocks, the bubbling eruptions start and continue to POP for quite a while (we experienced several minutes of popping)

how to make a sound volcano

Rosie loved this so much I thought we would take it to the next level and
how to make a volcano

We made our volcano using aluminum foil, play dough, and an empty plastic bottle from recycling.  We had made a play dough volcano before, but after seeing how Juggling with Kids made hers, we made some tweaks to our method following her tutorial.  She gives fantastic step by step instructions, so if you want to make one similar be sure to visit her volcano tutorial.  They are super easy to make!

how to make a volcano

I wanted to create a small world of sorts so I added dirt, rocks, and dinosaurs.   Rosie and Jewel had lots of fun playing in the dinosaur world without actually making eruptions.

How to make a SOUND volcano- What kid wouldn't want to make eruptions that pop and fizzle as they erupt and bubble?

After they started to lose interest I whipped out the baking soda, vinegar, and POP rocks.  The girls loved adding all the ingredients to make their sound volcano.

how to make a volcano

We poured in the baking soda and Pop Rocks first, and then finished with the vinegar

how to make a volcano

The girls loved watching the eruptions and hearing the popping sound effects!

how to make a volcano

how to make a volcano

They couldn't get enough!  They made eruption after eruption until we were all out of baking soda and vinegar.  Then the girls played for quite a while longer in their dinosaur small world.

how to make a sound volcano

We ran out of baking soda and vinegar, but not Pop Rocks!  I stocked up on a bunch of multi-packs from Dollar Tree last time we were there, and we have been having so much fun with them!  We have quite a few fun POPPIN play times on the way.  Stay tuned!

Make a Sound Volcano & POPPIN Eruptions
Pop Rocks Volcano  Pop Rocks Eruptions

Click the photos below for lots more FUN!

Pop Rock Paint
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