Potty Training Books for Kids

I had a reader comment on our potty training resource post asking if we read any books that helped prepare Rosie and Jewel to potty train.  Books were actually VERY helpful for us and were a big part of our success using the three day potty training method!  We began reading these books a few months before we actually embarked on our three day weekend and they really helped prepare and educate the girls.

Potty Training Books for Kids
to Help them Learn

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A Potty for Me by Karen Katz
A Potty for Me is a lift the flap, hands on instruction manual. With mixed potty success through the book, terms like It's ok and accidents happen are used.  This helps takes some of the anxiety away from potty training, reassuring kids that it is ok if they have accidents.  Jewel loved lifting the flaps as I read this one aloud to her.

First Look and Find: Elmo's Potty Book by Publications Int.
This book makes potty training fun and features the popular characters of Sesame Street.  I love that the book covers other potty topics like hand washing and accidents in addition to just potty training.  Turning potty training into a bit of a game, this book was a favorite for Rosie when she was potty training.

The Potty Book and DVD for Girls by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
I especially love the adorable animated cartoons of this book and that it comes with a DVD to  bring the book to life.  The DVD also features a fun song that kids can sing along to- "Bye Bye, Diapers".  Rosie and Jewel still love the song.  This package book is also available for little boys.

Princess Potty  by Samantha Berger
This book is perfect for little girls.  With fun stickers included to help motivate little princesses.

Pirate Potty  by Samantha Berger
Pirate Potty is by the same author as princess potty, but with a little more of a boy theme.  My girls LOVED this book though, so it is definitely not limited to boys.  With fun lingo and motivational stickers, it is sure to be a helpful aid.

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty by Wendy A wax
This hilarious lift the flap storybook teaches kids that everyone has to make time to potty.  The hardest part of potty training Rosie was getting her to stop playing and having fun to use the potty.  This book helped a lot by illustrating that even very busy people with important tasks have to stop and go when they need to.

Potty Monkey  by Potty Monkey
Potty Monkey is far more than just a book.  It is a full potty training system. Complete with a book for parents and one for the child, a cuddly monkey that speaks and educates, and a timer to help remind kids to STOP and go when they are first learning.  I loved that this book system added an imaginative and pretend element to potty training.  Rosie got to teach her monkey to use the potty while we taught her.

Poop! There it is!  by Xavier Finkley
Take some of the pressure and seriousness out of potty training by adding a bit of silliness.  This book does exactly that and will have parent and child laughing their way to success

Caillou: Potty Time  By Joceline Sanschagin
My Rosie was a Caillou lover at the time of potty training and she really loved this book.  The idea here is to find a character your kids connect with, and then get potty books featuring that character if possible.  If your child loves Caillou then this is an especially great book to help them learn.

Superhero Potty Time  by Sue DiCicco 
Every child dreams of being a superhero, right?  This fun book makes your potty training tot the hero with flaps, tabs, and wheels to peak interest and make potty training FUN!

These were the books we found most helpful while preparing to potty train.  Both our girl loved these books, and read then well after they had the skill mastered.  

I wish you the best of luck as you teach your child this very BIG and important skill.  

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