Rainbow Pour Painting that GLOWS

Ever since we first tried rainbow pour painting we have been a little rainbow pour paint mad!  It is seriously one of the most fun painting techniques and is BEAUTIFUL too!  In addition to the rainbow pour paint vases we made the first time we tried this technique, we also tried rainbow pour painting birdhouses and now rainbow pour painting that GLOWS!

Rainbow Pour Painting that GLOWS!
Rainbow Pour Painting
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With Easter just days away and un-dyed eggs in our fridge, we decided to try this glowing rainbow paint technique on a few eggs.   If glowing stuff is not your thing, you can also rainbow pour paint eggs with regular paint like Red Ted Art.  To make them glow we used fluorescent paint and glow in the dark paint.  We buy our fluorescent paint online here and our glow paint at Walmart.  It is only available in stores but they have all the rainbow colors for under $2 each. 

What you will need for this activity:

We used an overturned funnel to hold each egg while we painted it.  Once the egg is in place on the funnel, simply pour the glowing paint of your choice over the egg in rainbow order.

Rainbow Pour Painting

Each rainbow pattern looked very different as the paint poured down the eggs

Rainbow Pour Painting

Rainbow pour painting is such a beautiful technique - glowing or not!

Rainbow Pour Painting

Laying the eggs to dry was the trickiest part.  Next time I would use a cut up paper towel roll to hold each egg while painting.  This would also create a place for the eggs to dry.

Rainbow Pour Painting

Rainbow Pour Paint Egg Dying

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