Feb 15, 2013

Recipe for Play- Clean Mud

Are you familiar with clean mud?  I have seen it made a few ways, the most popular being with ivory soap and toilet paper like The Chocolate Muffin Tree made here.  We have made it this way before and it is great fun.   The other day I wanted to make a batch of clean mud for Rosie to make a pretend play birthday cake but we were running quite low on toilet paper and didn't have any ivory soap so I came up with a new way to make clean mud.

A NEW Way to make Clean Mud
clean mud
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This alternative clean mud is much more simple
than the common recipe for play.  You do not need to grate soap or shred toilet paper.  Not only is it much more simple but it smells clean and fresh and feels just like mud.

Recipe for play- clean mud

To make this clean mud all you need is baking soda and water.  In a bowl slowly add water to baking soda until you have a mud-like texture.  Be sure to add the water slowly as it is easy to add too much.

Recipe for play- clean mud

This clean mud is made much like the sensory mud we recently created only without the mud color being added.  It is fabulous for all sorts of sensory play and is a fantastic base sensory recipe that can be turned into all sorts of other sensory materials.

Here are some of the other sensory materials we have created by simply adding more or less water and one or two other simple ingredients to our clean mud play recipe.  Click the photos to be taken to the full posts.

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Recipe for Play- Clean Mud
a blank canvas for all sorts of sensory recipes!

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