New Years Eve Kids Activity

A News Years Eve Party Bin is a simple and fun way for little ones to celebrate the new year!  

New Years Eve

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For this sensory bin I used materials we already had on hand.  All of the New Years Eve party supplies was stuff I purchased at either the Dollar Tree or Party City last year.  We used the materials in a lot of activities last year, and then stored them to use again this year.  You can use whatever materials you might have on hand to make a similar bin.  

This is what I used to make our New Years Eve Party Bin:

  • Confetti
  • Noise makers
  • Blow horns
  • Party hats
  • Beads
  • Rainbow rice (cotton candy scented)
The base for our sensory bin was rainbow rice.  I already had the rice from when we made it a while ago.  I have used it to make a variety of sensory bins.  Whenever I break sensory bins down I store the materials in storage containers for future bins and play times.  To learn how to make rainbow rice visit this post.

I used the rice to cover the bottom of our sensory bin.  Then I tossed in all the other elements  

I have this tucked away to pull out for the girls on New Years Eve.  I will add a few cups and bowls for pouring and dumping and the girls will surely have a blast!

Other fun ways for kids to celebrate the new year:

~~~~~~~ Happy New Year! ~~~~~~~
 I hope it's the best year yet!
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