DIY Magnetic Chalk Board

We shared a DIY Magnet Board & Marble Run as one of our very first posts here on Growing A Jeweled Rose.  You can read all about how we made our initial magnet board here.  It was very inexpensive to make and the girls love it!  Well the other day we brought new life to our magnet board by moving it to a more central location in our home and turning it into a magnetic chalk board.

DIY Magnetic Chalk Board
DIY magnetic chalk board

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Turning our magnet board into a magnetic chalk board could not have been more simple.  We took the oil drip pan down from the wall and carried it outside.  Then we sprayed it with Chalk Board Spray Paint.  I happened to find chalk board spray paint at my local Walmart for just a few dollars but it not available from Walmart online.  I would recommend checking a Walmart near you but it is also available from Amazon here.


Chalk board spray paint can turn virtually any surface into a chalk board.  Besides that the can lasts a really long time.  We covered the oil pan with three coats of paint and still have well over half a can.

Once the paint was dry we brought the oil pan back inside and hung it up, sideways this time, using Command Tape Strips.

DIY Magnetic Chalk Board & toddler toy

The tape strips work amazingly well for securing the board to the wall.  

Painting the magnet board made it appear like a brand new toy for Jewel and Rosie.  They love using it as a chalk board.

DIY Magnetic Chalk Board & toddler toy

And as a magnet board
DIY Magnetic Chalk Board & toddler toy

There are so many educational ways to use this magnetic chalk board too!  
DIY Magnetic Chalk Board & toddler toy

Above I drew letters on the chalk board and then Rosie matched the corresponding magnets to the letters.

You could match numbers or lower and upper case letters.  You could practice colors, counting, and so much more!     

We hung the chalk board at the perfect height for Jewel and Rosie too!  I love that they have this vast space to create and explore right in our living room!  

play spaces

DIY Magnetic Chalk Board & toddler toy

Total cost for this project was under $20.  Oil pans can be found at some Walmart stores  for $10 or at most automotive stores for right around $20.  Oil drip pans can also be found on Amazon!

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