Apple Cloud Dough Recipe

Cloud dough is such a fun sensory material and it couldn't be easier to make.  It is safe for kids of all ages too, which is always a bonus.  Today, we made a new batch of cloud dough perfect for Fall.

Apple Cloud Dough

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Apple Cloud Dough Recipe
  • 7 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil 
  • Apple Pie Spice and/or cinnamon


  • Combine the ingredients in a sensory bin or container and mix well.  That's it!  Couldn't be easier, right? 
Apple scented cloud dough apple activity

I didn't measure the out the apple spice.  I just kept adding more until the cloud dough smelled just like apple pie!  The spice also helps to color the dough, but you can use red powdered paint for a deep red coloring if desired.  

Both Rosie and Jewel had a lot of fun exploring with the cloud dough

Apple scented cloud dough

I threw in some foam apple shapes, scoopers, pie and muffin pans, and cut up green pipe cleaners to act as apple stems.

Apple scented cloud dough

Apple scented cloud dough apple activities

Apple scented cloud dough apple activities

The girls loved making apple pies and played together for a really long time!

I have had a few people ask me if cloud dough is messy.  Let me start by saying that we usually play with it outside (or in the bath without water)  This is why

Apple activity Apple scented cloud dough

Yes, cloud dough is very messy!  It is super fun and inexpensive to make though, so it is worth the mess ;)

If your child eats a little of the cloud dough that is ok.  It is non-toxic.  Jewel is beginning to come out of the mouthing stage.  She didn't try to taste any of the cloud dough which I was surprised by.  It smells just like apple pie after all.

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