Handprint Crafts For Kids

Every parent loves to receive art from their kids, especially hand-print art!  Here is ab ultimate list of 50 hand-print craft ideas for kids to make.  These make great gifts!

Hand print crafts Handprint art

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Handprint and Footprint Art shared tweleve handprint crafts.  While she shares them as crafts for Grandparents Day, they would make fantastic craft ideas for anytime of year!  This one was my favorite but be sure to check out the other eleven.

Handprint craft ideas Hand print art
These hands will hold my heart forever

Maro's Kindergaten shared a fabulous collection of group activities to start the school year and get kids feeling connected.  It was hard to pick a favorite from the hand print craft ideas but I do love this Heart of Our Class made from all of the children's hand prints.
Be sure to check out the other ideas Maro's Kindergarten shares.  They are truly fabulous!

This next activity is not quite a hand "print" craft but an adorable hand craft nonetheless.  Kids Fit Clubhouse showed us how to mail a hug.  

How to mail a hug hand print craft
I love this idea!  It is just way too cute!

Lastly, Mummy, Mummy, Mum showed us how to make quick and easy Halloween cards using foot print ghosts.

hand print crafts handprint art

I know, I know, it's not a handprint, but it was just too cute not to include.  Besides that you could easily use your child's hands for this activity instead!

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