Erupting Monsters

Exploring with baking soda and vinegar is an activity that truly never gets old for Rosie.  We have made pumpkin eruptions, explored with a GIANT volcano, made glowing volcanic eruptions in our Mad Science Lab, and gotten artsy with Halloween fizzing sidewalk art.  Even with all of that Rosie still asks to make eruptions often.  So today we explored with Erupting Monsters!

Erupting Monster faces
Erupting monsters

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Combining monsters with one of Rosie's favorite activities was a great way to further help her conquer her fear of monsters.  I made a few monsters out of play dough during the girls afternoon nap, giving each monster a large hole for a mouth or nose.  Once Rosie woke up, she was so excited to play! 

Erupting monsters
I set out a measuring cup of vinegar with pipettes for Rosie to fill and squeeze onto the monsters.  This was great for fine motor development and hand-eye coordination.
Erupting monsters
Rosie created LOTS of eruptions!
monster play

Erupting monsters

baking soda and vinegar monster play
After each eruption, we would add more baking soda to the monsters along with a few drops of food coloring.

This is one activity Jewel was a bit too little to participate in but she did get to do a little watching from the sidelines.
baking soda and vinegar monsters
I just love the perplexed expression her her face.  Even though she can't always play she is still learning and growing just from observing.

This erupting monster activity was a big hit and one we will surely be doing again!  
Erupting monsters

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