Giant Volcanic Eruptions in the Bath

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It is time for more messy play in the bath & sink!  

 For those of you visiting Growing A Jeweled Rose for the first time, the purpose of this series is to encourage messy play by illustrating how easy it can be to contain and clean any mess.  Each week,  The Golden Gleam will share a messy  play activity in the sink, and I will share a fun playtime in the bath.

I was inspired by the Painted Small World Scene we last shared as part of this series, and decided to create a similar scene, and make a giant volcano so Rosie could explore GIANT Volcanic Eruptions!

Volcanic Eruptions sensory play

I used play dough to make the volcano.  We had some left over from when we made Make Your Own Elmo Party Favors for Rosie's birthday, and it was close to needing to be tossed.  This was a perfect way to use it. !  I used one of Rosie's sippy cups as the core for our volcano, and built the volcano around the cup.  The cup made a perfect core.

Then I painted a jungle scene on the bath walls.
(You can read all about painting a small world scene on the tub here)
The painted scene really brought the playtime to life!

Rosie LOVED this activity!  We have made volcanic eruptions many times before, but doing it in the bath allowed Rosie to explore the activity in a whole new way!

And the best part, all the mess was contained in the tub!
When the playtime was over, everything washed right down the drain!

People are always skeptical when I say that, so here is a photo of the tub right after Rosie helped mommy wash all the mess away!

No paint residue was left behind, and the tub was actually cleaner than before because of the baking soda which acts as a cleaning agent.  If you ever have a problem with staining fill a spray bottle with bleach and grab a sponge.  It has always done the trick for us.

If you are unfamiliar with the volcano and baking soda experiment, you can read all about it here

The Golden Gleam found a different way to explore with Vinegar and baking soda.   Be sure to pop over and check it out!

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