Play in the Mud- The Set Up

I loved making mud pies and playing in the mud as a child.  In honor of that I wanted to put together a fun mud party for the girls and their friends.

Mud Party for Kids

I had a blast putting together this play party for the kids.  In this post I will share how I set up the party, and then tomorrow I will share pictures of all the glorious fun.  

I set up our mud party in our backyard and created several play stations.  

Station 1: The Mud Pit

To make the mud pit I filled a blow up pool like this one with dirt.  I purchased the dirt at Home Depot for $1 a bag.  I used 8 bags to make the mud pit, but I could have used 5, and we still would have had plenty of mud.  To make the mud I just placed the hose in the pool, and mixed the water into the dirt until I got the desired consistency.  

Then I added pretend snakes and bugs for the little ones to dig for.

Station #2: Mud Pie Kitchen
You can set up an outdoor kitchen using whatever tables you might have available.  Then you just have to add pie pans, muffin tins, and other gadgets.  If you don't want to use items from your kitchen you can purchase any gadgets at the dollar store.  I extended our existing mud pie kitchen by adding Rosie and Jewel's sand table, making the kitchen big enough for lots of tiny chefs!  The sand table was perfect for holding the mud.

I set out lots of pots, pans, and cooking gadgets.  I also set out a bowl of assorted potpourri for the littles to use as ingredients and garnishes for their mud pies, stews, and muffins.  The varying textures and scents were a fantastic addition to the kitchen station.

Station #3 :Mud Painting Station

I set up a mud painting station by attaching poster board to our chain link fence using duct tape.

To make the mud paint, I took a tip from The Chocolate Muffin Tree and added food coloring to my mud mixture.  The results of the colored mud paint were beautiful! 

Station #4: Dirt Painting

In addition to the mud painting I set up a dirt painting station.  Setting up the dirt painting activity was very simple.  I filled a pie tin with dirt and set out a couple of cups of water with paint brushes.

Station #5: Dinosaur Small World

I cleared out our overgrown garden bed and filled it with mud so that I could make a dinosaur small world.  You could easily set this up in a sensory table or large storage container.

Station #6: Sensory Bins

For this station I set out a couple of sensory bins.  I filled one bin with dirt and a few construction trucks to make a simple construction sensory bin.  I was amazed by how big of a hit this little bin was

I also recreated our Gardening sensory bin.

I added extra rose essential oil to the dirt to really bring it to life.

The Clean Up Station

For our clean up station I filled a pool with water, a bit of soap, and sponges.

Click the photo below to see all the glorious FUN the kids had at the mud party

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