Exploring Nature, and Painting it Too!

It was a beautiful day here in our small corner of the world. We spent the day outside getting lost in nature, drinking in the fresh air and the sunshine. I always feel so invigorated and refreshed after losing myself in the Earth for a while.   Rosie and Jewel seemed in awe of the days warmth after bearing the bleak weather of Winter. It was not a cold Winter here, but still lifeless and lacking of the Summer's spirit.

We began our journey today with no real intentions or plans. We set out to discover and explore whatever was brought before us along our path. I packed some craft and art supplies just in case Rosie's artistic creativity was sparked. We headed to a favorite spot filled with hiking trails, a stream, and even a few playgrounds.

For the first hour or so of our journey, Rosie ran wild.  It was as though she had been caged and was finally set free, her own Summer spirit seeming to ignite. She was so fascinated by everything around her, especially  the trees!  We found some fantastic ones with exposed roots.

As we walked, we collected Earthly treasures

We have many ideas and plans in store for our harvest!

At one point along the way, we stumbled upon some mud.
Rosie was anxious and eager to step in!

She giggled with delight at the feel of the cool mud between her toes.

She drew in the mud.  She used it as paint.  She tasted it too, and discovered that mommy was in fact telling the truth, and that it was not a puddle of chocolate ( although that would have been wonderful )

Getting Rosie out of the mud took a bit of coaxing.  I had to entice her with a painting adventure.

 Rosie LOVES painting!   As soon as I asked her if she would like to paint using her spray bottles, her face lit with excitement!

Armed with her paints, she wandered free and added color to the World. 

Rosie absolutely loved this!  She ran from trees to large rock formations, spritzing and giggling.  Everything she sprayed looked so beautiful!  It is just before Spring where we are and still quite barren.  By the time Rosie was done, that little piece of Earth was vibrant and alive!

Do not worry, we would never hurt the Earth.  We used our Colorations liquid watercolors for our painting fun.  The paint is non-toxic,  100% washable, and will all wash away at the next rainfall.  In the meantime, we have left something magical for others to stumble upon.  I know if I stumbled upon the scene Rosie left behind, it would surely lift my spirits, and my day.

While Jewel was in the Ergo-carrier most of the time, she also got to explore a bit of nature today too!  She was delighted by the feel of grass between her toes!

And loved the feel of the sun kissing her skin.

I find nature to be so therapeutic!  The beauty... being warmed by the sun.... the laughter of my children... all a reminder that life is spectacular and fleeting.  I want to savor it.  I want to feel the breeze, and hear it rustling in the trees.  I want to hold my little ones in this moment, and make every moment count! How beautiful it is to be alive!
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