Easter Sensory Bath & Egg Hunt

  I thought it would be so fun to create an Easter egg hunt for Rosie to enjoy during her bath, and that is just what I did! 

Bath Time Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt
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This bath was SO FUN!

TO create this bath, first I dyed the water purple using McCormick neon food coloring.  I scented the bath with chocolate bubble bath.  Then I put a bunch of plastic Easter eggs in the water, each one filled with a fun surprise.  I found colorful artificial Easter grass at The Dollar Tree, and used that to cover the waters surface.  I then hid a few additional Easter eggs throughout the Easter grass.  Lastly, I added some fun foam Easter shapes for Rosie to stick to the walls.  

Easter egg hunt

Rosie had so much fun hunting for eggs!

Easter egg hunt

I hid all different things in the eggs.  Some had necklaces.  Some had little frogs and turtles to add to her bath toy collection.   We even filled a few with little chocolates, which was a real treat seeing as we don't give Rosie sweets too often.

Easter activity for kids

We hid a few of  these magic capsules that dissolve in water, and turn into bath sponges in a few of the eggs as well.  Rosie thought they were so neat!

Rosie had so much fun with this bath time Easter egg hunt.  After she had found all the treats hidden in the eggs, she kept picking up the empty eggs, and looking for more.  She loved this so much, I am going to create this once more on Easter night for her!

  The grass was a really fun addition to the bath, and was quite a sensory experience.  Rosie loved running her hands through it.  Clean up was really simple too!  Once Rosie was done playing, she helped me gather all the Easter grass into a strainer.

Easter activity for kids

It was very easy to gather, and is now dry, and put away for more fun later.  Once we picked up all the grass, Rosie enjoyed playing with the eggs in the colored water.  She loved filling and dumping the purple water.

Easter Bath activity

Please note- food coloring does not stain the bath or your child, and everything washes right down the drain.

We did not let Jewel in on this bath adventure because she is in the stage of putting all things in her mouth.  However, she did enjoy watching Rosie play.

Just look at little sis, getting so big!


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