Alligator Stick Pals

Rosie's imagination has recently taken flight. While out on nature walks, we always collect Earthly treasures to bring home with us. Rosie recently began proclaiming the collected sticks were alligators and such.   As she was playing with a couple "alligator sticks" I thought to myself, why not foster her imaginative play, and paint the sticks to look even more like alligators.

 Alligator Stick Pals!

alligator stick pals
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These were very simple to make, and Rosie has really enjoyed playing with them.  All I needed to create these alligator stick pals was green paint, googly eyes, and glue.  I used a hot glue gun, but any glue would work fine.

Alligator stick pals

Rosie has had so much fun with these!  As soon as she saw them, she proclaimed the larger stick the mommy alligator and the smaller stick the baby. 

alligator stick pals

 She loves creating conversation between mommy and baby.

Here, she is making alligator sounds

I love how Rosie's imagination has helped me get back in touch with my own.  When she brings me a stick, and says it is a fish or a frog, when I take a closer look, I see exactly what she means.   

 We have collected lots of other sticks on our many walks in nature.  She loves her alligator stick pals so much, I am going to see what else I can create for her out of sticks.  Yesterday, she brought me one, and said it was a bird.   Hmm.....she might be onto something there!

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