Setting the Stage for Group Sensory Play

Sensory play is a big part of how Rosie and Jewel explore.   Since children experience things differently in a group, I wanted to have our play group meet for a sensory play date.   So today, we hosted our first group sensory play date.  It was so much fun!  It was definitely the first of many more to come!

Sensory Play Party for Kids

In this post I will share how I set up for the party!

My husband and I have slowly been converting our basement into a messy play space.  Prior, it was full of storage, as it is unfinished.  This play space is where the Sensory play group would meet but you could easily set up a sensory play date outside when the weather is nice.

group sensory play

I created several stations - each with a different sensory experience.  

Station #1
The Baby Station

baby sensory play

There were going to be three babies at the play date, so I wanted to have a space dedicated to them.   

We set up our Superyard in the shape of a rectangle.  I used the girls alphabet play mat to cover the floor of the play space, and put in lots of toys for the babies to play with.  I also made the babies hard hats and decorated the gate to look like a construction site.  Since I created a construction site for the toddlers, I thought this was a cute idea.

Station #2
 Color and Light Exploration Station

 Water Beads are all the rave in mom circles right now, and Rosie and Jewel love them.  If you are unfamiliar with water beads, they are an amazing sensory experience.  I found mine at my local Walmart for $2.00 a pack.  You simply place them in water for 5-6 hours, drain, and play!  For this station, I filled a pool with several packets of Water Beads.

 We love playing with our water beads on the light table.  As a way to create a similar experience,  I put out tap lights, flash lights and glow sticks, all of which I purchased at The Dollar Tree.

I also put out a couple magnifying glasses, tongs, and a dish that could be used for sorting the water beads.  

Station #3
Snake Slime

While perusing The Dollar Tree for inspiration yet again, I saw packets of snakes, and thought of  this snakes in jelly activity from The Imagination Tree.  That led to our next station.

To make our snake slime, I mixed up 5 large boxes of green Jello in a large storage container.  As soon as I had finished mixing the water and the the Jello mix, I added all the snakes.  Then I placed it in my refrigerator overnight.

snake slime sensory play

 I was very pleased with the results!

Station #4
 Search for Sea Life

For this station I cooked 5 large bags of spaghetti purchased from The Dollar Tree right before everyone was expected to arrive for the play date.  I used a lot of salt in the water to prevent sticking.  I ran the pasta under cold water, and coated it with oil to further prevent sticking.  Then I dyed it blue using food coloring and tongs.

sea life spaghetti sensory play

I let the pasta dry for several minutes and placed the pasta in a pool with varying sea creatures.  The idea was for the little ones to dig in the pasta and find the sea life.

Station #5
Construction Site

construction site small world and sensory play

  I found a 40 pound bag of Deer Corn at Walmart, and used that to fill the pool. 

sensory play

I threw in construction vehicles, tools, bolts, and screws.  I decorated the wall behind the pool with road signs, and wrapped caution tape around the pool.

I found construction hats at the Dollar Tree and put the children's names on them using alphabet stickers.

Station #6

goop sensory play

The stage had been set!   I couldn't wait to have a bunch of little ones running around in the play area, covered in gook, creating messy memories together! 

Check out all the messy fun the kids had here!

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