Make Your Own GLOWING Bath Bubbles

Yesterday, I shared how we made glow water If you missed the post on how to make glowing water, you can read all about it here.  We have been having so much fun exploring and have found a TON of fun ways to use it already.  The one I am most excited to share with you is  glowing bath time bubble art!

Make your own glowing bath bubbles

 After exploring with the varying colored glow waters in an array of ways, I decided to put them in our spray bottles and try painting the bubbles during Rosie's bath.  ( The glow water is made from non-toxic material so I was not worried about adding it to a fun bath..  However. always use your own judgement as to what you are comfortable with for your family)

While the glow water illuminated fantastically in the bottles, I honestly was not expecting it to glow to brightly once sprayed.  My thought was that the glow water would need to be more highly concentrated in order to be seen.  However, I knew Rosie would have fun playing with the glowing bottles regardless of the outcome, and that we might as well experiment just to be sure.

Rosie was in awe over the glowing bottles of water.  The spray bottles basically acted as VERY intense glow sticks!

  Mommy was anxious to see if this experiment would work, and urged Rosie to begin spraying.  
Make your own glowing bath bubbles

I was AMAZED with the results!  I couldn't believe the sprays of glowing water glowed as intensely as they did!!

The entire tub was glowing brightly!   It looked as though Rosie was bathing in glow water, and not just spritzing tiny amounts on the bubbles.  The whole room was aglow!

Make your own glowing bath bubbles

The spray bottles themselves made fantastic submersible lights as well. Rosie loved pushing them under the water, and watching them pop back to the surface (a lesson in Science to share with Rosie when we do this again and she is a little older)

Make your own glowing bath bubbles

Rosie was enthralled with the glowing bottles! So much so that  I am planning to make her submersible bath glow lights using the glowing water.  To do that, all you would need to do is fill a clear container that can seal tightly with the glow water.   So easy!

Now for some pictures of Rosie's beautiful glowing bubble spray paint art!

So fantastically MAGICAL!!!

As you can see, she painted for a LONG time!  No bubble was left untouched.
Make your own glowing bath bubbles

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Rosie had a blast making glowing bath bubbles and once bath time was over, everything washed right down the drain.  The glow water did not stain the bath or skin!  Go ahead, go for it :))

 You can also spray paint your bath bubbles without glow water and a black light.  You can read more on that here.

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