Our First Group Sensory Play Date

Yesterday, I told you all about how I set up our messy play space in preparation for our first group sensory play date.  If you missed that post, you can read all about it here.  This post is all about the fantastic messy memories that were created!  The children had so much fun!

Sensory Play Party for Kids
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As soon as we let the little ones loose in the play area, they went running!  Several of them ran to the construction site. It was definitely a favorite!

Exploring the color and light center.  All the little ones loved this!

While we were setting up this station, my husband had a great idea.  Make a small light box using an empty storage container and a tap light!  This turned out so neat!

One with the lights out to further illustrate just how well this light box worked!

We filled the container with water beads, leaving enough room to place the tap light on top, facing towards the water beads.  Tap the light on, place the lid on,  turn it upside down,  and there you have it! An amazingly easy, hand held, light box. This was a great way for the little ones to explore the water beads.

Looking at water beads on top a flash light.  This also worked like a mini light table.

The children loved looking at each other through the magnifying glasses

Searching for sea life

Jewel really liked playing in the pasta

We included the babies as much as possible.   We only let them play in the more baby friendly areas,  closely supervised.

Time for some snake slime!

The toddlers reactions to the snake slime was so funny!  Most of them found it quite gross, and wouldn't go near it.  It was as if they thought the snakes were real.  I am going to make another Jello dig with something more appealing, and compare their reactions.  Rosie was the only toddler that really dug in!


What was so funny was that the babies loved the Jello dig.  This activity really emphasized the cognitive differences between the toddlers and the babies.  Babies have no clue what a snake is, and so they dug right in!

I had covered the GOOP, and saved it for the end of the play date. GOOP is so messy, and  I wanted to be able to repurpose a lot of the materials used to create the other stations. I brought out two bins of goop, and put a few drops of food coloring in each one.

This little guy loved the GOOP

So did Rosie and this little one

I really think Rosie would play in GOOP everyday!  Whenever we are exploring with GOOP, she plays for such a long time!

Who can blame her though.  This stuff is so neat!

When we were all done playing, it was time to clean up! The little ones loved helping!

I had a Clean Up Station set up as well.  It consisted of warm soapy water, wash cloths, and towels.

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Once everyone was clean, we finished off the play date with a pizza party for lunch.  Then everyone headed home for naps.  This was such a fun day!  I immediately started planning the next one before I even cleaned up from this one.

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Do you have a play group?  Why not host a sensory play date!  You could limit it to just one or two activities if time or space is limited.  If you do not have a messy play space, you can host in outside as long as it is warm where you are.

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