Feb 25, 2012

Glowing Water- Uses and How to Make it!

I have been doing a lot of research online in order to prepare for our upcoming group sensory play date.  While thumbing through an array of Google searches, I stumbled upon GLOW WATER!  I was beyond excited!

Making glow water is simple!  All you need are non-toxic yellow highlighters and water. You can find 2-packs of jumbo highlighters at Target for under $1.00.  Pop the back off of the marker and pull out the ink soaked felt that is inside.  Then run the felt under a small stream of water with a bowl underneath to catch it.  I used roughly 6 cups of water per highlighter, and ended up with insanely bright glow water.  It could definitely be diluted further, but I wanted it to GLOW!  

Glowing water
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 Yellow highlighters make such a BRIGHT glowing water and there are so many play recipes and activities using this amazing water!  

This was the result of the yellow highlighter glow water!

Glow water

I tried to make glow water using every other color highlighter that I had on hand, and none of them glowed.  I was so disappointed, as some of the highlighters would glow in the black light when you used them to write, but then the water would not glow.  I was determined to find a way to make more colors of glowing water.

 An update from the original post: 
We found a way to make RAINBOW GLOW Water!
Click the photo for full tutorial
Glowing Rainbow Water

There are so many ways this glowing water can be used during play.   For tons of fun activities, visit our

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