Glowing Play

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Here you will find all of the GLOWING activities we have shared!
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 A SAFE Way to Make Kids Bath Water GLOW

How to Make GLOWING Water
glow water play

GLOWING Rainbow Water
Glowing Rainbow Water

GLOWING Rainbow Slime

Make Your Own GLOWING Rainbow Rice

Glowing Science - rainbow eruptions

AMAZING Glowing Science
Amazing Science experiment for Kids and all you need is oil and ice

MORE AMAZING Glowing Science
Amazing experiments using oil and water for kids to explore IN THE DARK.  This is seriously so cool!

Lava Lamp Sensory Bags
Lava lamp sensory bags

RAINBOW Water Beads
Glowing Rainbow Water Beads

Salt & Ice Experiment
Glow in the dark experiments with ice & salt- Science and art come together in this FUN activity for kids!

Hatching Alien Eggs
space activities

Space Geodes
homemade geodes

GLOWING Pasta Necklaces
Glowing pasta necklaces

Outer Space themed Bath
glowing Outer Space bath

GLOWING Puffy Paint

Grow Glowing Crystals
How to grow glowing crystals

Make Your Own Glowing Chalk
homemade glowing chalk play for kids DIY

Glowing Homemade Bath Paint
glowing bath paint fun

GLOWING Rainbow Glue
Glowing recipes- glue

GLOW Dough
Glowing recipes

Erupting Pumpkins
Glowing erupting pumpkins Halloween fun

Glow in the Dark Slime
Glow in the dark slime recipe

Glow in the Dark Glue
Make your own glow in the dark glue

Glowing Egg Dying
glow eggs

Glowing Mad Science Jars
Glowing Mad Science jars Halloween fun

Glowing Bath Play Ideas
glowing bath play ideas

Blacklight Play Party for Kids
glowing goop sensory activity
TONS of activities in this post!

Moon Dough
moon dough

Homemade Glowing Glitter

GLOWING Sensory Bags

Glowing Sensory Bags

GLOWING Bath Treasure Dive
glowing bath treasure dive for treasure

GLOWING Water Beads
glowing water bead activity

Glowing Mad Science Lab

TONS of Science activities that GLOW!

Glowing Cloud Dough
glowing cloud dough

Goblin Goo
glow goo Halloween activity

Homemade Light Bright Fun

Black Light Sticky Table

Make Your Own GLOWING Bath Bubbles


Glowing Pumpkin Jars
glowing pumpkin jars Halloween fun

GLOWING Grinch Slime
Glowing Grinch Slime


Lots more GLOWING fun is on the way!

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