Creative Magnets and A Marble Run

Magnets are such a fun way to explore, and the possibilities are endless.  You can make practically anything into a magnet.  While perusing Pinterest, I came across a few magnet related ideas, and put them all together to make a giant magnet board.  We have been having so much fun with this!

DIY Marble Run and Magnet Board
Homemade marble run and magnet board

I got the idea to use an oil pan as a magnet board from Eat Play Live.  You can find an oil pan at most automotive stores.  I found mine at my local  Salvo Auto Parts.  I used Command Damage free Hanging Strips to attach the oil pan to the wall.  So far, this has worked great!

Once the pan was in place, it was time for Rosie to paint the tubes for the marble run.  The inspiration for the marble run came from a great post,  Seven Sensational Ideas for Creating A Marble Run by The Chocolate Muffin Tree.  If you are planning to make one,  definitely give it a read.

DIY marble run an magnet board for kids

We used a wrapping paper roll, a paper towel roll, and a few toilet paper rolls.  Gotta love upcycled craft supplies!

Once Rosie was done making the tubes pretty, it was time to attach magnet tape.  Magnet tape  can be found at any craft store, and is very inexpensive.  I used super glue to attach the tape to the tubing, but you could also use a hot glue gun. 

Time to test it out!

DIY marble run an magnet board for kids

Rosie played with the marble run for quite a bit.  She also loved using pom poms in place of marbles. 

 After all the marble run fun, I ventured around the house in search of objects to turn into magnets.  I had remembered seeing pom pom magnets on Pinterest, and loved that they fostered imaginative play.  I wanted to expand that idea and create a variety of different magnets that would foster imaginative play for Jewel and Rosie.

creative magnets and a marble run
  Pom Pom and heart magnets

Bugs, snakes, colored pasta, and pipe cleaners

Popsicle sticks

There are so many ways for Jewel and Rosie to explore with these magnets.  Here are a few examples of where their imaginations could lead them!

Popsicle house with pom pom windows

a Popsicle stick figure

There are so many other possibilities.  So far, Rosie has had the bugs talking and kissing.  She is just entering the stage of imaginative play, and I can not wait to see where these magnets lead her!

There are so many other magnets to create and explore with.  The possibilities really are endless.  This simple magnet board is sure to grow with Jewel and Rosie for a very long time!

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