Birthday Sensory Bin

Rosie's birthday is just a few weeks away, and I have been trying to find ways to build her excitement and understanding of her special day.   She has really been enjoying the birthday sensory bin I made for her.

Birthday Sensory Bin
Birthday sensory bin

For this sensory bin I included colorful pom poms in varying sizes, a birthday hat, a birthday crown, blow horns, foam birthday shapes, and a cupcake decorating set made by Melissa and Doug. The icing pens are basically dry erase markers.  The cupcakes easily wipe clean, and can be decorated endless times.

birthday sensory bin
Birthday sensory bin

Rosie absolutely loves this sensory bin!
She thought the blow horns were hilarious!
Decorating cupcakes
Exploring with a magnifying glass
She absolutely loves it!
Make a wish

I put a couple real candles in too so that Rosie could practice blowing them out.  She loved this!  I must have re lit the candle for her twenty times!

This birthday sensory bin has been one of her favorites, and I have made many!  It has really helped to build her understanding and excitement of her birthday.  She knows that her special day is coming up, and that all of her friends will gather to celebrate her.  When you ask her how old she is going to be, she proclaims two, and proudly holds up one finger on each hand.

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