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Ghost Paint for Kids

Here is a quick and easy paint recipe that the kids are sure to love!

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Here are 25 frightfully adorable Halloween crafts for kids to make this Fall.

Halloween Play Recipes

From Goblin Guts to Ghost mud there are so many spooky-fun play recipes for kids!

Halloween Hacks for Kids

Like most moms I am incredibly busy, but I still like to find simple ways to wow my kids over the holidays.

Halloween Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are a great way for little ones still in the mouthing stage to explore play materials.

Genius Pumpkin Hacks

Those pumpkins aren't just for carving!

Halloween Games for Kids

Being the room mom for my daughter's class means that I get to help plan her school parties.

Halloween Party Favors

Are you looking for Halloween treats and favors that AREN'T CANDY?