Sensory Activities for Baby

April 25, 2013
Yesterday we shared a fun, edible paint recipe using potato flakes.
Today we are sharing more flaky fun! Potato flakes are a wonderful play medium. They are very inexpensive, have a super FUN texture, and are edible, making them safe for the tiniest tots. For under one dollar you can fill a bin with these fun flakes, and kids can play again and again!
sensory activities for babies
Rosie and Jewel both love playing with potato flakes as they are, right from the box.

Add a couple of scoopers and you have a simple and fun pantry play activity

Sensory Activities
The girls love the texture of the potato flakes, and so do I. They are so airy and silky and soft.
Sensory Activities
You can keep these flakes in a sensory table or storage bin for a very long time! They are safe for small babies too, making them a great first sensory material.

You can also add water and color to the fun and exploration! We reserve this extended play for when I really need to keep Rosie and Jewel entertained.

Sensory Activities
This is a great boredom buster and LOADED with sensory exploration.

Adding the water a little at a time gives children the chance to explore many textures.

Sensory Activities
Rosie mixed with a spoon a little, but digging your hands in is always most fun!
Sensory Activities
Once enough water is added you will have a moldable dough.
Sensory Activities
Rosie loves creating with this!  Building potato mountains.
Sensory Activities
Jewel loves potato flake sensory play too, but wasn't very interested in playing on this particular day.  She did play for a moment though.
Sensory Activities
Rosie on the other hand played for almost an hour, mixing and creating different goopy textures.
Sensory Activities
a bunch of food coloring and water pouring eventually led to a BEAUTIFUL rainbow mush.
sensory activities
All of this fantastic sensory exploration and FUN for under a dollar! Gotta love that!
Sensory Activities with potato flakes
play recipe -potato paint

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