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Baby Play Collection!  
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Rainbow Bubble Sink Play

Edible, Baby Safe Sensory Paint
finger paint recipe

Fun with Sensory Bags
sensory bags
Sensory bags are a great way for babies to explore.  Lots of sensory bag ideas within the post!

GIANT Sponge Sensory Play

Creative Art Bath Station

A great way to let little ones explore freely while containing the mess!

Baby Sensory Play -56 Amazing Activities

baby sensory play activites

Birthday Bath- especially great for the 1st birthday!
bath ideas fun baths for kids

OODLES of NOODLES Bath for Baby
Fun Math Activities

Baby Bath Paint Recipe
Baby Bath Paint

Jello Ocean Small World

Jello makes a fantastic sensory material for babies!

Alphabet Letter Hunt

Sensory Sound Basket

Ice Painting Fun
Ice painting Summer activities for kids
For babies still putting things in their mouth, use frozen juice or Kool-Aid

Bath Time Water Wall

(For smaller babies, this one will require help.  Mom or dad could pour the water and baby will marvel at watching the water flow)

Sensory Painting with Kool- Aid

Kool-Aid- a great paint for babies still putting things in their mouth.

Discovery Bottles
blacklight play glowing discovery bottles

These are especially great for babies- such a fun way to introduce colors!


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Note- These activities are meant to be enjoyed together.  Please do not leave baby unattended during play.  Also, many of these would be fun for children of all ages.   I hope you enjoy some of these activities with your little ones at home!