April Fools Pranks for Kids

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I am so excited for April Fools Day this year!  The girls are finally old enough for me to start playing fun pranks on them.  I have scoured the internet to find lots of ideas, and can't wait to add a few of my own to this list once the funniest day of the year is here!

25 Hilarious April Fools Pranks To Play On The Kids

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April Fools Pranks for Kids

  • Grilled Cheese Surprise-  This is way too fun!  I can not wait to make a "grilled cheese" and pull one over on Jewel & Rosie.  It looks SO REAL!
  • Soap That Won't Suds-  I wonder how long Rosie would try to get this soap to lather.... What a simple and fun prank!
  • Undrinkable Juice- This easy & fun April Fools prank will really get the kids good!
  • Meat Loaf Cupcakes-  These look just like cupcakes; the kids will be so perplexed when you serve them dessert for Dinner
  • Make A Person-  This silly prank will really get the kids good when they think you are at the dinner table, and you pop up next to or behind them.
April Fools Pranks for Kids

  • Mashed Potato Sundae-  Kids will be so excited to dive into their sundae.... until they take that first bite.
  • Turn the Faucet Water Blue-  All you need for this is a blue water tablet (affiliate link).  We already have these on hand and use them to color the girl's bath water.  This little prank is easy and sure to shock!
  • April Fool's Day Brownies-  When the kids come home from school offer them a brownie from a covered dish.  When they reach in they will surely be surprised.  You may want to keep some real brownies on hand so that this one isn't mean.
  • Fake Juice Surprise-  It will take a few sips before the kids realize they are only drinking water.
April Fools Pranks for Kids

  • Shoes Everywhere!  This prank only takes a minute, and the kids will laugh and laugh!
  • Trick Them With Treats-  Imagine their faces when they open up their tootsie roll to discover something else inside.
  • A Wormy Apple-  This one is just plain fun, and the kids will shriek with delight!
April Fools Pranks for Kids

  • Fill Their Oreo Cookies With toothpaste-  I like this one for the kids, but I am going to get my husband with it, too!  The idea isn't for the them to eat the cookies but to take one bite and...... April Fools.  Just imagine their faces when they take a bite..... (Please watch kids closely with this one to make sure they are not consuming the toothpaste in large quantities as it is potentially unsafe)
April Fools Pranks for Kids

  • April Fool's Ice-  Offer kids a tall glass of "ice water" and watch their reaction when they take a taste.
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I will be adding more fun ideas to this list soon.  Let's really get the kids good this year!

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