Edible Slime Recipe {Kool-aid Slime}

Have you been hesitant to make slime for your kids in worry that they might sneak a taste?   Do the ingredients of traditional slime recipes set you back a bit?  With this new edible slime recipe you can put all those reservations aside and let your kids escape into OoEY GOOEY bliss.

Edible & Borax Free 
Kool-aid SLIME
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Kool-aid Slime- edible, easy to make, and borax free!
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As soon as I saw this new slime recipe from Blog Me Mom I nearly raced to the store.  I had been trying to find an easy edible slime recipe for a while and had been trying to create Kool-aid slime even longer.  Well, this simple recipe for play allowed me to do it all!

Kool-aid Slime Recipe (affiliate links provided)
  • 1 cup of water
  • Optional: Kool-aid packets for scent/color or food dye for richer color
  • Make sure that the Metamucil you are using contains psyllium. You can also use a generic fiber brand as long as it has psyllium.
  • In a LARGE microwaveable bowl combine 1 tablespoon of Metamucil or similar with 1 cup of water and stir well.  You can also add a few drops of food coloring for rich coloring or a half packet of Kool-aid for scent/color if desired.  
  • Stir the ingredients until everything is dissolved
  • Then place the bowl in the microwave and heat on high until you start to see bubbles (roughly 2 minutes) .  Continue to microwave the bubbling slime for one minute.  Then stop the microwave & stir.
  • Once stirred microwave again for two more minutes. 
  • Remove the bowl from the microwave and allow it to cool.  At this point the slime will still be liquid, but it will thicken as it cools.  Once it is completely cool it will be ready for play!
A NEW and Safe Way to Make Slime for Kids {Edible & borax free}
  • Be sure to check that the center of the slime is cool before giving it to kids.
  • Repeat the above instructions for each color & scent of slime you wish to make.  You can easily double and triple the ingredients for each slime variety, but be sure to use a LARGE bowl and keep your eye on the microwave. 
  • We made several batches of slime, and each color turned out slightly different.  This may be because Rosie & Jewel were helping mix the ingredients.  Some of the colors were super slimy and others were REALLY stretchy.  ALL were fun!
Once all the slime varieties were cool I set Rosie and Jewel up to play & explore

A NEW and Safe Way to Make Slime for Kids {Edible & borax free}
They began by exploring each slime color individually.  Each color having a slightly different texture was neat, but soon enough all of them were mixed and blended which was really quite beautiful!

A NEW and Safe Way to Make Slime for Kids {Edible & borax free}

{NEW RECIPE} Edible and borax free slime for kids

You can really see the unique texture of the slime in the photo above, which was what really made this slime tons of FUN!  Adding a touch of Kool-aid powder also made the slime smell AMAZING!  I also love that this slime is 100% taste-safe and borax free.

Rosie and Jewel played and played- stretching, pulling, mixing colors, and GIGGLING

{NEW RECIPE} Edible and borax free slime for kids

SO FUN!  You really must try it!

{NEW RECIPE} Edible and borax free slime for kids
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Note:  While this slime is edible it is not meant for all out consumption.  A taste or two is totally fine, but you would not want your little one to eat a lot.  Honestly, they really won't want to; one tiny taste was enough for Jewel to turn up her nose.

A Few Tips: Metamucil can be found in a variety of pharmacy aisles or online here.  One container of Metamucil will allow you to make SEVERAL batches of slime over time.  For rich coloring add a few drops of food coloring or use Kool-aid.   We stored our slime in air tight containers in the fridge.  This is our first time making it, but I imagine it won't be good for very long.   We added half a packet of Kool-aid to our recipe, and that gave us amazing scented slime.  

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