Snow Jewels Winter Play

It snowed, it finally snowed!  We have been so excited for the snow and were geared up & ready for play once it came.  Snow jewels are one of the many fun ways that we played.

Snow Jewels Winter Play
Make snow jewels for some super Winter fun!  Roll them, throw them, have a snowy treasure hunt!

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I have been anxious to make snow jewels for Winter play ever since I first came across them on Pinterest.  We actually made this same thing in the Summer and called them ice marbles.  Either way, they are easy to make and SO FUN!

Snow Jewels Materials
  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Food coloring or liquid watercolors
  • scissors
Add a few drops of food coloring or watercolors to regular party balloons and fill them up with water.  Tie them and place them in the freezer for 4-6 hours.  Once frozen snip the balloon and remove it.  Then head on outside to PLAY

Make snow jewels for some super Winter fun!  Roll them, throw them, have a snowy treasure hunt!
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With all the white snow surrounding them snow jewels are so colorful,  magical, and fun.  Rosie and Jewel loved stacking them, rolling them to color the snow, looking through them, and throwing them

Snow jewels Winter play

They also loved hunting for them.  What could be more fun than a snow jewel treasure hunt?
Hunting for Snow Jewels - SO FUN!

Just cover the jewels in snow and have kids try to find them

Make snow jewels for Winter play

Such a simple and fun way to play in the snow!

Snow Jewels- add it to the bucket list!
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