Glow in the Dark Glitter Recipe

Rosie and Jewel loved making their own glitter so much that we decided to make some more.  This time we tried to make glow in the dark glitter.  it turned out so neat!  If your kids love things that glow in the dark they will love this easy to make glitter!

Glow in the Dark
Make your own glow in the dark glitter using only TWO ingredients- how fun!

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Neon Glitter Recipe
Add the desired amount of salt to each zip seal bag, one bag for each color of glitter you wish to make.  Squirt in a few drops of glow in the dark or neon paint.  We used both glow in the dark and neon paint to give us a rainbow of glitter colors.  Seal the bags and have kids squeeze and mix the contents until the salt crystals are saturated in color

Homemade glow in the dark sand for arts, crafts, and amazing sensory play!
Make your own glow in the dark sand

 Once all of the salt is colored open the bags and pour the colored salts on a cookie sheet or similar to dry.  The salt may clump together but will easily break apart in your hands once it is dry.

That's it!  Once dry pour the glitter into salt shakers or old glitter shakers, and the fun and creating can begin!

Make your own glow in the dark glitter using only two ingredients- SO FUN!
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Rosie and Jewel love creating glow in the dark art, and this homemade glitter has really added to their fun.  For lots more glow in the dark PLAY activities visit our glowing play collection.

A Few Tips:  Just as with regular glitter this homemade glitter sticks best to wet projects.  Another fun way to use this glitter is squeeze school glue onto paper and then cover the glue in the colorful glitter to make art.  We used Epsom salt because it is a small grain, naturally sparkly salt.  You can find Epsom salt at most stores or online here.  The glowing paint we use can be found online here.



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