Twilight Turkeys

This simple little Thanksgiving craft doubles as a nightlight and has brought joy to bedtime in our home for the last several nights.

Twilight Turkeys
Twlight turkeys - a fun craft that doubles as a nightlight

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Twilight Turkeys Materials List (affiliate links provided)
  • Empty jars or similar
  • Flame-less tea lights (you can get them at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or online here)
  • Feathers, glue, googly eyes, and craft foam
Decorate the jars or similar containers to look like turkeys.  Place the flame-less tea-light in, and marvel at your pretty twilight turkeys

Twilight turkeys- a fun Thanksgiving craft that doubles as a nightlight
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Rosie and Jewel love their twilight turkeys and delight in using them as a night light.  

Twilight turkeys- a fun craft for kids that doubles as a nightlight
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Both girls named their turkeys gobble.  

Gobble Gobble!

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