Turkey Paint Rockets

We are back with more Paint & PLAY alongside Mess for Less, Blog Me Mom, and Housing a Forest.  The challenge this week was to create some form of Thanksgiving painting activity.  For our activity we sent some paint filled turkeys flying high into the air to create EXPLODING art.

Turkey Paint Rockets
These turkey rockets are filled with paint.  When launched they fly HIGH into the air, leaving beautiful exploding art on the paper below.  SO FUN!
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Flying Turkey Rockets & Exploding Art

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We were initially inspired to create paint rockets like this from the lovely Housing a Forest.  We have since found all sorts of ways to play including creating sidewalk art with chalk filled rockets and exploring a bit of Halloween Science with flying ghost rockets.  Today, we transformed our film canisters into turkeys, filled them with a bit of paint, and then sent those turkeys flying to create beautiful exploding art.

Turkey Rockets Materials List (affiliate links provided)
This fun activity begins with a craft.  Give kids the film canisters and crafting supplies so they can transform the canisters into turkeys

Turkey Paint Rockets

Make sure the canisters are decorated upside down so that the turkey flies in the right direction when launched.  We used white school glue this time and it worked pretty well, but next time I would pull out the hot glue gun.

We made four turkey rockets and launched each one several times.  We left ours turkeys to dry overnight and then headed outside to create our exploding art the next morning.  You will want to launch one turkey rocket at a time.  I held the turkeys upside down while Rosie and Jewel squeezed in a bit of paint.  

Turkey Paint Rockets

You want to fill the turkeys roughly 1/3 of the way.  Then add a drop or two of water and mix.  Make sure you have the lid for your turkey in hand.  Take half of an alka selzer and drop it in.  Quickly put the lid on the turkey, flip him over, set him down on the poster board, and step back

Turkey Paint Rockets

The turkey will go flying high into the air, creating beautiful exploding art on the paper below

Turkey Paint Rockets

I didn't get lucky with action shots this time.  These rockets move fast and are hard to capture on camera.  However, I have gotten action shots of our other rockets.  Check them out for even more photos that illustrate how FUN these things are!

Turkey paint rockets

Turkey paint rockets

A few things I noticed.  It takes longer for the paint rockets to go off than it took for the chalk rockets, I am guessing because of the consistency of the paint.  Once the turkey rockets launched they went higher, I am guessing from the added time the canister has to build pressure.

We set our turkeys off multiple times.  These flying turkey rockets were so fun and the exploding art so pretty.  The turkeys stayed in tact pretty well, but as I said, next time we will use a hot glue gun.

Make sure to drop by and check out Tammy's original paint rockets, too!

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