Fall Activity- Pumpkin Ring Toss

Before we carve our pumpkins we like to play with them as much as possible.  Then we play with them some more after they are carved.  This next Fall activity provided Rosie and Jewel with some simple fun and was a great way to play with those pumpkins!

Pumpkin Ring Toss Game
Fall activity- Pumpkin ring toss

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A FUN Fall Activity

All you need for this activity is three pumpkins and some rings.  You could even play with less pumpkins if you wanted.   I searched around our home to see if we had anything that could act as our rings.  I was surprised to discover we had nothing.  So, I simply cut three rings out of heavy poster board.  This worked great!

Fall Activity- Pumpkin ring toss

Fall activity- Pumpkin ring toss

Both girls had lots of fun tossing the rings

Fall activity- Pumpkin ring toss

and gathering them was quite fun, too!

Fall activity- Pumpkin ring toss

A simple way to have FUN with those pumpkins this Fall

Fall activity- Pumpkin ring toss

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