Paint and PLAY- Crayon Art

It is time for more Paint & Play alongside Housing a Forest.   The challenge this week was to create art using some form of school supplies.  While Tammy got creative with a compass and some paint, we found a fun way to use up some old crayons to make art.

Solar Crayon Art

Solar Crayon Art- such a fun way for kids to create, and the art is so beautiful!

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This challenge was the perfect opportunity to pull out some crayons and see what we could make.  It is still really hot here, so I thought it would be fun to make our crayon art using the sun.

Solar Crayon Art- What you Need:

  • Crayola Crayons
  • A canvas (preferably one for each child)
  • A cheese grater and/ or potato peeler
  • The hot sun

crayon art

Once you have your supplies gathered begin by peeling the wrappers from the crayons.  Rosie picked a handful of crayon colors she wanted to use for her art, and we peeled them together.  Then it was time to grate and shave the crayons.  First Rosie used the cheese grater

crayon art

This worked great!  We were able to set the grater right on top of the canvas and have the shavings gather underneath.  Our grater had three different size prongs allowing Rosie to create a variety of different size shavings.  She had lots of fun.  Be sure to talk about safety with your children and instruct them to keep fingers away from the grates.  

Rosie grated several crayons in this way before moving on to using a potato peeler

crayon art

The potato peeler gave long, thin shavings.  All the varying shavings together were so beautiful!

crayon art

Rosie grated the crayons until both canvases were good and covered in colorful crayon bits

crayon art

Then we placed the canvases on the blacktop in the sun.  I figured that would be the hottest place.  It was just at 100 degrees when we set them out and went in for lunch.  We came back out and checked on them just before nap.  The crayon had started to melt but not as much as I expected.

crayon art

We checked on the canvases again after nap and were pleasantly surprised to discover two beautiful works of art!  Here are a few up close shots of our sun and crayon paintings

crayon art

crayon art

Rosie wanted to add the larger crayon pieces left over after grating to her canvases.  Those didn't melt all the way, but they did melt enough to stay in place and become part of the art.  I really liked the way it all looked together.

We placed one of the canvases at a slight angle and laid one flat.  Both turned out so different.  
Beautiful and different

crayon art
This one was laid flat

This one was placed at an angle- neat effect!
crayon art

Rosie is so proud of her finished art pieces, and I just love them!  We have them hanging right in our living room where they will stay for a very long time.

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