Crackle Foam Sensory Play

We love sensory play!  We are always creating new recipes and finding new ways to explore through our senses.  Shaving cream is one of our favorite sensory materials.  We have found so many fun ways to play with it.  Some of our favorites have been shaving cream sliding, MAGIC bath paint, Summer Snow, and shaving cream and ice paint.  Today we found a new way to play, and it was just too fun!  

CRACKLE Foam Sensory Play

Crackle Foam POPS and fizzles between fingers while kids play.  Sensory play with sound effects- SUPER FUN!

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CRACKLE Foam is seriously FUN stuff!

To make CRACKLE Foam you will need:
  • Shaving Cream 
  • Pop Rocks
  • Optional- liquid watercolors or food coloring for added color (we didn't use any this time)
All you need to make CRACKLE Foam is shaving cream and Pop Rocks.  Do Pop Rocks sound like a weird play material?  Not at all!  We began adding Pop Rocks to our play a few weeks ago, and it is SO FUN!  Pop Rocks give play times instant sound effects as well as added tactile stimulation.  You can make an ERUPTING sound volcano, Popping fingerpaint, firecracker GOOP, and now CRACKLE FOAM!  

You can mix up your CRACKLE Foam in a bin or even right on the table top.  Give your little ones a can of shaving foam and let them go nuts squirting it to fill the bin or cover the table.

Squirting the shaving cream is so fun for little ones.  We buy women's scented foams from Dollar Tree, and they smell AMAZING.  Once they have added however much shaving foam they would like (for us it is usually the whole can) have them shake on Pop Rocks.  That's it!  Then it's time to PLAY!

sensory play with pop rocks

The foam CRACKLES between fingers and pops and fizzles as you play.  The crackling produces lots of giggles as it tickles little hands

Make foam mountains, build popping towers, or hold crackling clouds in your hands

Make a foaming waterfall

crackle foam sensory play

Use the crackle foam to practice early writing 

crackle foam sensory play

crackle foam sensory play

Any way you play it is sure to be TONS of FUN!

They sell both shaving cream and Pop rocks at the Dollar Tree, making this a super frugal activity.  If you have a candy lover who might be tempted to eat, the Pop Rocks come in three packs- keep a pack for after play and let your child experience an explosion of POPPING in their mouth.  My girls don't like Pop Rocks for eating but if yours do, it is a fun way to end the PLAY!

Click the photos below for lots more FUN!

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