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Today we are back with more Paint & PLAY alongside the lovely Housing a Forest.  If it is your first time visiting, Paint & PLAY it is an ongoing series where we challenge each other to create art through different mediums each week.  So far we have challenged each other to create art with balloons and to put a spin on spin art.  This week the challenge was to try a form of pendulum painting.

Glowing Pendulum Painting
Pendulum painting

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as part of the Paint & PLAY Series

We actually tried a couple different pendulum painting techniques, but the GLOWING pendulum art was the most fun, and produced the coolest effects.  This activity was also VERY EASY to set up which is always a huge bonus!

For GLOWING Pendulum Painting you will need:
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  • Glow in the Dark or fluorescent paint
  • String or yarn
  • An empty bottle- we used a plastic Gatorade bottle from recycling
  • A tack, nail, or duct tape

You could recreate this activity a variety of different ways and get the same result. We set our pendulum up in the easiest possible way.  I took a Gatorade bottle, cut the bottom off and used a hole punch to make two holes to thread yarn through.  I then threaded the yarn, and used it to hang the bottle upside down directly over four pieces of black poster board purchased from Dollar Tree.  I used a thumb tack to secure the hanging bottle to the ceiling, and in turn, make our pendulum.  I didn't take pictures of the bottle itself, but you can see it in all the wonderful photos below.

The idea is to swing the bottle in varying ways, then letting go, and allowing the paint to drip from the bottle to create swirling art

paint and play

Each time you swing the bottle you get a different design

pendulum painting

paint and play

The fun part is swinging the bottle and watching what design you create based on the motion of force you put behind your swing

pendulum painting

With each swing the art and colors layer, creating beautiful effects

paint and play

You do want to slightly water down the paint to help it pour freely.  I loved that we used a Gatorade bottle because we were able to fill the bottle with each paint color, and then turn the nozzle to release the paint once we were ready to paint

pendulum painting

Rosie had so much fun creating her glow in the dark art!

paint and play

pendulum painting

 And we got some really COOL artwork from this FUN process, too!

paint and play

 We used a mixture of glow in the Dark and fluorescent paint.  Both worked GREAT!

Glowing Pendulum Painting
a fun way to paint & PLAY

Now don't forget to pop over to Housing a Forest 

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 Stay tuned next week for more Paint & PLAY!

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