Birthday Traditions for Kids

We love birthdays in our family!  We make a BIG deal over them and love making each other feel super special on our special day.  Rosie just turned three, and I wanted to share some of the ways we made her feel SUPER this year!

Birthday Traditions for Kids
to Make them Feel SUPER
birthday traditions

Start the celebration as soon as they wake &

room of balloons

We did this for Rosie's birthday last year, and it is such a special memory!  We rented a helium tank and stayed up late blowing up balloons and filling her room.  Then I woke up extra early so I wouldn't miss her reaction when she opened her eyes.  

birthday traditions

Little ones LOVE balloons and a room overflowing with balloons is such a fun way to begin the birthday celebration.   We won't do this every year, BUT we will be doing it for both girls a handful of times while they are small.  When we do it will always be a SUPER birthday surprise!  If you want to do this for your little one just Google places to rent a helium tank in your area.  It was not that expensive and worth every penny.

Greet them with decorations on a smaller scale
birthday traditions

This year we did the idea above on a much smaller scale, and it was still SUPER special.  We hung streamers and balloons from Rosie's bedroom door for her to discover when getting up in the morning.  This only took a minute and made her feel so special!

A Present to Start the Day
birthday traditions

When Rosie got to the bottom of the stairs we had a gift there waiting for her to open before breakfast.  As simple as this is it is a tradition that never loses it's SUPER birthday appeal!

A Special Birthday Breakfast
A special pancake breakfast is a treat each of us looks forward to on our special day.  We theme the pancakes to the likes of the birthday person.  Think strawberries for the berry loving dad, apple cinnamon for mom, and sprinkles for little Rosie!

A Special Birthday T-Shirt
Weaering a special birthday t-shirt makes little ones feel super special on their special day.  Not only that but they will get TONS of extra birthday wishes because of the shirt.  My girls faces always light up with each one.

Custom 2nd Happy Birthday Kids Light T-Shirt

Get them a t-shirt with every birthday to make it a fun tradition and annual keepsake.

Celebrate with a First
This is a tradition we just started this year and I am so excited to continue it.  This year on Rosie's birthday we took her to get her very first hair cut.  

birthday traditions

Every year moving forward we will celebrate her birthday with a first.  One year it might be riding her first roller coaster and another,  getting her ears pierced.  I am excited for the challenge of coming up with a first for each girl as they get older.

Birthday Party Bath
This is a great way to make small children feel special but older kids would like it, too.  What's not to like, right?  We always finish the girls birthday off with a FUN birthday bath.  The party doesn't stop until the girls hit their pillow.  

birthday traditions

Turning bath time into party time is really easy and SO FUN!  Read all about our birthday party bath here.

This birthday cake bath is another fun way to end their special day, and this one includes hands on sensory PLAY!  I set Rosie up with all the materials needed to make her very own birthday cake!  Way too FUN!

birthday traditions

Decorate the family vehicle 
and get honks for the birthday kid

This is such a simple way to add tons of special feel to their big day.  All you need are window markers or crayons and everywhere you go all day people will make the birthday kid smile.  You might be surprised by how many honks you get

10 ways to make your child's birthday EXTRA special
photo from Paging Fun Mums

Let the birthday kid choose dinner

This is simple and kids just love getting to pick what dinner will be for the family on their birthday.  While they are young it is usually simple fixings like chicken nuggets or pizza.  It is as they get older that this might get a little more extravagant.  I mean, my personal choice would be steak, lobster, and red wine.  How about you?

A Bit of Silliness

We celebrate every birthday with a bit of silliness.  Whether it be silly string, silly clothes, or silly glasses, we get a little silly and it makes the girls laugh!

birthday traditions

I just love birthday's and each one should be cherished.  The years fly by and we only get to turn each age once after all.  My hope is that we can look back and know we made each birthday special and that we let our girls know just how special they are!

Do you have fun birthday traditions in your family?  I would love to hear about them!  We are always looking to add more birthday FUN!

FUN Birthday Traditions for Kids
birthday traditions
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