Glowing Paint Recipe

If you follow along with us you may know that we recently shared an array of NEW GLOWING PLAY ACTIVITIES for kids!  Well we are back with another today and still have a few more ideas up our sleeve too.

GLOWING Paint Recipe
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This glowing rainbow puffy paint is lots of fun for kids to use in art and play.  Not only does it create beautiful works of art but the puffy paint is loaded with sensory exploration too!

To make GLOWING Puffy Paint you will need:
  • White school glue
  • Shaving cream
  • Fluorescent or glow in the dark paint

In a bowl mix one part shaving cream and one part glue together.  Then add a few teaspoons of the paint of your choice.  We never measure.  I always just add enough to color the paint.  We use these fluorescent paints for all of our glowing play but it does require a black light.  You can also use Glow in the Dark Paint which we have done before and you don't need a black light.  They have a variety at Walmart for very inexpensive.

This paint recipe couldn't be easier and is so fun!

The glowing paint itself is loaded with sensory exploration.  

It has a fun texture and dries puffy, giving art a bit of dimension and texture

The color can also be mixed to create Glowing RAINBOW Paint and glowing rainbows!

Glowing Rainbow Paint
 so vibrant, simple, and FUN!


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