Princess Pies Sensory Play

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This sensory play activity was SO FUN!  Rosie loved making mud pies this past Summer and has asked a few times to make them since the change of season.  I didn't really want to make a batch of mud for the indoors (though you could ) so I put together this play time for Rosie instead.

This is a girls mud pie dream!
Rosie loves princesses, glitter, sensory play, and making mud pies and this activity combines them all!   To make our princess pies I gathered an array of materials that we already had around the house.  You can use whatever you have on hand- here is what we used:

~  Glitter
~  Shaving cream (unscented works best)
~  Food coloring
~  Rainbow rice- we used this as sprinkles.  I filled an empty salt container so Rosie could 
    shake the  rice on.  Full details on how to make rainbow rice can be found here.
~  Duncan Hines Frosting Creations packets- you could also use Kool-aid, spices, instant pudding/ 
     jello, etc
~  Disposable pie pans and piping bags- purchased from The Dollar Tree

I filled a couple piping bags in advance with "princess pie mix"

I made the princess pie mix the same way we make our bath paints.  You can make your princess mud pie mix using kool-aid, spices, or frosting creations.  We opted to use the frosting creations because of the princessy scents they have available.  Here are the full details on how to make the shaving cream mix using the frosting creations.

Rosie was so excited when she walked in and saw all the materials set out for her!

She had a blast creating her own princess pie sensory mix

She had free reign to toss in whatever she wanted.  We ended up with a purple sensory play mixture.

Then Rosie had lots of fun preparing and decorating her  Princess Pies!

She filled the pie pans with her special sensory mixture and then used the piping bags to ice her pies.  Then she added glitter, rainbow sprinkles, gems, and more powdered frosting creations.

They were beautiful!

sensory play

And the whole upper level of our home still smells amazing!

Princess Pies Sensory Play!
A Girls Mud Pie Dream!

sensory play

sensory play

This really was a girls mud pie dream!  Rosie had so much fun playing in her princess sensory mud and making princess pies!  When the warm weather returns she will be excited to make real mud pies but even then, I am sure we will be whipping up batches of our own Princess sensory play mud!  This was just WAY TOO FUN!

sensory playsensory play

Note- this play time smells amazing!  Rosie plays with sensory materials like these often and knows not to eat the materials.  However, if you are concerned you can just as easily use whipped cream in place of shaving cream.  You could also replace the glitter with sprinkles and make other slight modifications to produce an edible sensory experience.  We have done this for Jewel.   You can read all about our homemade edible paints here.  The edible paints double as amazingly delicious cool whips for cakes and pies too!

Also be sure to check out these shaving cream cupcakes from Dilly- Dali Art

Other ways to play with shaving cream for Sensory Play:
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