Sweet Pancakes for Valentine's Day

We make pancakes once a week as a family.  It is a fun way to spend the morning together and there are endless ways to prepare pancakes!  Now that Rosie and Jewel are getting a little older we are beginning to get more and more creative!  These began as Princess Pancakes which were requested by Rosie, but by the end, looked more like Valentine's Day pancakes, so that is what we deemed them!

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Let me start by saying these pancakes are super sweet
but we were following two year old Rosie's lead here and it was a special treat so we were ok with it!  You may want to prepare them at a different time of day.  They would be perfect sweet cakes for an after school surprise or after dinner treat!

To make our Valentine's Cupid Cakes we first dyed the pancake batter purple using food coloring

pancake batter

Rosie always helps me make the batter.  Jewel will be able to join in soon too!
No photos of the family as we always make our cakes just out of bed (not a great photo op)

The batter was really bright purple

Once all the cakes were made we piled them on a plate and  added all sorts of goodies.  We began with a variety of sprinkles and edible glitter to make the original princess pancakes.  Then Rosie wanted to add the candy hearts she saw sitting in the cupboard- so we did.  That definitely took these cupcakes from princessy to Valentine's themed!  Valentine's Day is approaching after all!


We even made our own flavored cool whip to top off our ultra sweet cupcakes.  We made bubble gum cool whip for the cupid cakes but you can make all sorts of flavored cool whips the same way we made scented bath paints, only using cool whip instead of shaving cream.  All you need are Duncan Hines Frosting Creations and cool whip.


 Mix the frosting powder of your choice into the cool whip.  

Cool whip

One packet is enough to flavor a whole standard container of cool whip!

Our pancakes were delicious!  Ultra decadent and sweet!  Perfect for your little sweethearts on Valentine's Day morning!


After breakfast I whipped up a bunch of different cool whip flavors.   Not only are these flavored whips great for topping off  ice cream, cakes, and pies, but they also make fantastic edible paints for babies and toddlers! You can just as easily use yogurt to make these which is what we would recommend as a less sugary option.  We have some other fun ideas using these cool whip paints too.  Be sure to check back with us!

Cool Whip Paintscool whip

Other fun ways to use Duncan Hines Frosting Creations:

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