Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath

Today I have a very special & exciting announcement....

But first, I am excited to introduce a new type of bath time fun.  We have been meaning to start Storybook Baths for a while and finally brought our first book to life with a Goodnight Moon Bath!

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath
Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath
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Rosie and Jewel both love Goodnight Moon, especially Rosie!  It has been a favorite book of hers since she was about 10 months old.  It was definitely the perfect book choice for our first ever storybook bath!

This is what the Goodnight Moon Bath looked like when Jewel and Rosie walked in
Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath Time

As we were cleaning the playroom earlier in the day I made the connection that we had many of the objects from the Goodnight Moon storybook and began putting them in a basket off to the side.  Then, when bath time came, all I had to do was grab the basket of toys.  In it were two little kittens from a wooden puzzle, a little toy house from an infant puzzle, a Fisher Price phone, a baby doll comb, a brush, and a little toy mouse rattle.

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath
I am sure you could find many similar objects in your own toy pile.

In addition to the toys I tossed in a pair of Rosie's mitten's from last Winter and blew up a red balloon we already had on hand.  We also happen to have the Goodnight Moon Felt Piece Set that we use to bring the book to life on the felt board so I tossed those in too, using them as bath stickers to decorate the interior bath wall.

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath

To make this bath time even more special daddy took a few minutes during nap time to paint a picture of the cow jumping over the moon on the bath wall.  (He is a much better artist than me)   We used washable tempera paint  which washes right off of bath surfaces. However, if you are concerned, please test a portion of your own wall.  You could also just as easily skip this step.

To finish the bath off I whipped up a quick and easy batch of Goodnight Moon Bath Paint.  The bath paint also acted as our bowl of mush from the book.

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath Paint Recipe

To make Goodnight Moon Bath Paint you will need:

~  Green Food Coloring
~  Shaving Cream
~  Lavender & Chamomile Bath & Body Oil or a similar product

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and you are ready to go!  The best part about the bath paint is that it helps sooth children and get them ready for bed, perfect for a bedtime storybook bath!

We also colored the bath water green to act as the great green room and scented it with lavender to further lull and soothe Jewel and Rosie.

Rosie and Jewel LOVED this bath! 

 As I read the story Rosie delighted in sticking the "bath stickers" to the sides of the tub

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath

Both girls had a blast playing with the non-traditional bath toys while relaxing in a soothing lavender scented bedtime bath!

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath

Goodnight Moon Storybook Bath

They loved the bath paint too of course!

We read the story quite a few times before it was time to get out and then it was off to bed!

I do have to say, both girls went down very easily that night too.  I can't say for sure if it was the lavender or just the fact that they stayed in the bath longer and were up a little later them normal, but whatever the reason, they slept like lavender kissed babies!

So, are you excited for the announcement? 

 I don't just have a new type of fun bath to introduce today but a whole new site!  A site dedicated entirely to bath time!  

The bath times we share here on Growing A Jeweled Rose have become so popular and we have so many bath ideas!  In order to share them all I sought to dedicate a whole site to bath time.  My hope is that it will become an amazing bath resource!

I am excited to bring you Bath Activities for Kids!  

If you enjoy the fun baths we share on Growing A Jewel Rose be sure to connect with Bath Activities for Kids so you don't miss the fun!

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