Wash and Learn- Alphabet Bath Time Fun

I am excited to announce the start of a new mini- series here on Growing A Jeweled rose.  We are teaming up with In Lieu of Preschool for some more bath time fun only this time the focus is learning!  Each week, In Lieu of Preschool and I will share an educational and fun bath time.

Bath time learning fun
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The bath times shared will be geared towards a different learning theme each week with this weeks learning theme being
the alphabet.  

Wash & Learn: Alpha- Bath
Bath time learning fun

For our Alpha-Bath I made a fun letter matching game using foam shapes.  We use craft foam in the bath often.  It magically sticks to the bath walls when wet.  Given that it is Autumn I chose to use foam shapes with a Autumnal theme.  I purchased the shapes at The Dollar Tree and then used a black Sharpie to write letters on them.  There are too many letters in the alphabet to focus on them all at once so we focused on the letters in Rosie's name.

Bath time learning fun

Rosie is still learning the order of the letters in her name.  She is also still learning her lower case alphabet and  this matching game was a great way to practice both skill sets.

I made one upper case and one  lower case letter for each letter in her name
Bath time learning fun

Then I made a memory game board by sticking the foam shapes to the wall, letter side down.  The idea was for Rosie to turn over two shapes at a time, trying to match the upper case letters with their lower case twin.  Rosie also had to use her memory to try and remember where the letters were so she could match them.

Bath time learning fun

Rosie had lots of fun playing and matching the letters.  

We had not played a memory game before this and I was quite impressed with her ability to recall previously overturned letters.  

Rosie has played with her alphabet matching game several times since we first made it.  The total cost to make the game was one dollar.  Not only does she now know the order of the letters in her name but she has had fun learning which is fostering a lifetime love of learning.  

Bath time learning fun

 Also be sure to  check back next week for more bath time learning fun! 

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