Rainbow Bath Time Fun {Revisited}

Rosie and Jewel enjoyed their first Rainbow Bath for St. Patrick's Day last year.  They loved it!  Complete with a treasure hunt through a pool of rainbow bubbles, it was one AWESOME bath, and one we return to often.  The other night I prepared them yet another colorful bath only this time we added something extra- Rainbow Bath Paint!

Rainbow Bath Time Fun
Rainbow bath time play Rainbow paint recipe
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For this bath I painted the rainbow on the bubbles the same way I did for our St. Patrick's Day bath.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.  If you do not have Colorations liquid water colors on hand you can make your own liquid water colors.

rainbow bubbles rainbow activities

These rainbow bubbles are fun all on their own!  However, now that we added the rainbow bath paint I don't think the girls will go for just the bubbles ever again.  This wasn't plain old rainbow bath paint either. It was Skittle Scented Rainbow Paint!

Skittle Scented RainboPaint!
Skittle scented rainbow bath paint 09

To make Skittle scented rainbow bath paint you will need:
~  shaving cream (purchased at The Dollar Tree)
~  food coloring (purchased at The Dollar Tree)
~ 6 Kool-Aid Packets (20 cents each at Walmart)

To give our rainbow paint scent we used Kool-Aid.  However, we didn't want one scent.  We wanted to smell the whole rainbow! To make Skittle Rainbow Paint you will need one packet of Kool-Aid for each original Skittle flavor.  (Orange, grape, cherry, lime, strawberry, lemon)

 Mix each color paint separately, combining the corresponding Kool-Aid flavor with shaving cream and the appropriate food color in a bowl.  I used one bowl and rinsed it before mixing each new color.  You could also mix all six colors in separate bowls.  As I mixed each color I layered it into another bowl in rainbow order using a spoon.

This Skittle scented rainbow paint was AMAZING!  It smelled just like I knew the rainbow would- magical!  My whole home smelled divine after this bath!

As the girls played with the rainbow paint, the colors swirled together, forming beautiful rainbow peaks!

This paint gave the girls the chance to paint beautiful rainbows with each brush stroke

Though not everyone used a brush! Jewel thought it more fun to use her feet.  
Glorious Magical Mess!

No really, this mess really was magical because as soon as the bath was over, all the mess washed right down the drain! ( Note- the paint did not stain my walls but if you are concerned please test a portion of your own bath wall to be certain you have the same result. )

Skittles scented paint recipe
Don't reserve this paint for the bath!  It could be used for all sorts of activities.  We just made another batch of Skittle Rainbow paint and used it for marbled rainbow painting.  It was SO FUN! (post coming soon)

Rosie is on a real rainbow kick right now.  We have lots of other fun rainbow activities coming up! Check back with us!

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