Overcoming Doctor Fears Through Play

Rosie has seemed to hit an age full of childhood fears and anxieties.  She has expressed all sorts of fears recently from monsters to the dark and even on to strangers which was a bit of a shock given how outgoing she is.  Her doctor was no exception to these sudden anxieties.  After liking her previous doctor visits she was suddenly terrified at her last doctor's appointment.   She screamed and cried the whole way through.  The thought of going back in a month's time seemed like torture for all involved.  So I began trying to come up with ways to help with Rosie's sudden fear of the doctor.

What better way to help with a fear in childhood then through play?

Doctor Play to rid of Childhood Fear

Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears

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As soon as I saw this doctor roll play outfit and doctor bag from Discount School Supply I knew they would be perfect for our Doctor Play!  I could not wait for them to arrive in the mail.

Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears

As soon as they arrived I rushed to set up a surprise Doctor play time.  I thought it would really help ease Rosie's anxiety if I let her play the role of doctor before going to the doctor.

Dr. Rosie's office
Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears
I tried to make the office resemble Rosie's doctor's office.  There is a large bead maze in the waiting area there so I included one here.  

I used bandages from The Dollar Tree to give Rosie's patients realistic ailments
Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears
I also tried to make each injury a lesson.  For example, this poor bunny broke her ears running from her mommy.  Bunny surely won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Rosie was so excited to play doctor!    She called her patients one by one

Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears

And delighted in fixing them up!
Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears
Doctor play makes for fantastic imaginative play!

Rosie played for quite some time that day.  Then, two days later was her doctor appointment.  To further help with her fears she dressed the part of doctor herself!

Doctor play Overcoming Doctor Fears

The reaction to this was astounding!  Every person who saw us had to stop and talk to little Doctor Rosie.  Every single person played along, thinking this was just the cutest thing.  I have to say I agree.  Taking your little one to the doctor dressed as a doctor is quite cute and quite flattering for the doctor.  Not only that but this really helped alleviate any fears Rosie was having.

Doctor play Doctor Fears
By the end of the appointment, Rosie and her doctor were the best of friends!

  If your child has doctor fears or anxieties, doctor play is a FUN way to help alleviate those fears.  Even if your child does not have any of these fears doctor play is still a fun and creative way to foster imaginative play and self discovery.  

The doctor kit and role costume from Discount School Supply would surly make a great addition to any child's dress up wardrobe!

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Rosie has also been battling a sudden fear of monsters.  We have been using play to combat those fears as well.  The monster activities we have done so far:

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