Green Monster Smoothies for Kids

We discovered green smoothies when Rosie was a baby and our family has loved them ever since. They are a great way to sneak vegetables into a child's diet.  If you combine the right fruits and vegetables, you can't even taste the veggies.  To make this healthy treat fun, I made Green Monster Smoothies for the girls the other day! 

Green monster smoothie for kids

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All you need to make green smoothies is a blender, fruits, vegetables, and a bit of water.  We make several varieties but here is the recipe for the one I made today:

~ 2-3 frozen bananas (depending on how much spinach you use)
~ 2 large navel oranges- peeled and sliced
~ 15-20 strawberries
~ baby spinach
~ 1-2 large carrots chopped
~ 3-5 cubes of ice (optional) 

Place the fruit and carrots in the blender with about 1/5 cup of water.  Pulse.  Once the fruit is blended, add the spinach.  How much spinach you add will depend on taste preferences.  When we first started making green smoothies, I only added one large handful.  Now that we are accustomed to the flavor, I add 3 large handfuls, making our smoothies almost 1/2 fruit and 1/2 vegetables.  I also like to add a little ice to make the smoothies really cold but this is optional. 

 I wish I had thought to take photos while blending the smoothies but you all can visualize I am sure.  

Once the ingredients are blended well, pour the green smoothies into glasses.  We used spooky glasses we found at The Dollar Tree. Then add eye balls, snakes, spiders, and whatever else you think would make a good Green Monster Smoothie.  Serves about 3

Green monster smoothie for kids

Serve and enjoy the giggles from the littles.

You can add all sorts of other things to green smoothies.  We often add Greek yogurt, avocado, tomato, ground flax seed, wheat germ, and even kale.  We have tried hundreds of combinations and there are thousands more.  For more on the health benefits of green smoothies and for LOTS of fabulous recipes check out Incredible Smoothies.  Incredible Smoothies was my go to resource when we first began making these healthy beverages.  However, once you get a knack for what fruits and vegetables compliment each other you can get creative and come up with your own fun combinations.

I hope your little ones enjoy these Green Monster Smoothies as much as Jewel and Rosie did!  

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