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I am so excited to have Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing guest posting today! I think her site is so fun, and it is quickly becoming a favorite.  Drop by to discover all the fun she has to offer, but for now, enjoy the playtime she is sharing here!


I am very excited to be posting over here at Growing A Jeweled Rose! I frequently come to this blog for inspiration and activities with my little guys, especially for fun bath time ideas. Thank you for having me. Today I am going to share a fun baby sensory basket we made this week.

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My one year old loves to bang on things - measuring cups in the tub, pots in the kitchen, spoons on the dinner table. I wanted to add a little twist to his fun to introduce the idea that different types of containers make different sounds, even when they are hit with the same object. To do this, I made a play basket for him with spoons for banging, and a couple of different objects to bang.

I didn't want to overwhelm him, so I selected only a few different materials, and 2 spoons. Our play basket contained:
  • a plastic bottle
  • a metal tea cannister
  • a cardboard tube covered in duct tape (the duct tape makes it sturdier for play)
  • a paper cup
  • a metal spoon
  • a melamine spoon

He went right for the spoons, laughing as he banged them together. Then he started to explore the containers. He held them up, rolled them around, and felt what they were made of (with his hands and, as usual, his mouth!).

I wanted him to play with the sounds that could be created with the materials, not just listen to me explain it to him. So I tapped a cup, and then he followed suit, tapping the containers with his spoons.  He went from tapping the containers to banging them together, dropping them, and making all kinds of noise.

As so frequently happens, he then developed a new way to play, that hadn't occurred to me with this activity. He put the spoons into the containers, and dumped them out (or in the case of the tube, slid them through), working a little fine motor activity into our science fun!

We love playing with sound. If you'd like, we posted another favorite sound activity here. Thank you for letting me join you today at Growing A Jeweled Rose!
Carolyn is a stay at home mom to two boys, ages 4 1/2 and 1. She believes play is critical to child development, and her blog, the Pleasantest Thing, chronicles the way she tries to bring play into activities, projects, reading, and meals. With two active boys, the ideas she likes best are easy, inexpensive, and fun! You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
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