Rainbow Suds Sensory Play

Rainbow suds are so FUN!  The girls love them at bath time and ask for them all the time.  We also make rainbow suds for the water table, sink play, and the pool.   It was raining here today so I thought it would be fun to  create a good old fashioned sink bath with rainbow bubbles!

Rainbow Suds Sensory Play

rainbow bubbles sensory play

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This playtime was initially only meant for Jewel, but when Rosie saw it, she insisted on having a turn in the colorful sink bath too.  Rosie still requests to take a sink bath often, and I have a feeling she will continue to take them as long as she can fit lol. 

Both girls took turns splashing around in the colorful bubbles!

In addition to the bubbles, I added balls and varying containers for dumping and pouring

Jewel had a lot of fun chasing the slippery sudsy balls, and it was great for her developing hand-eye coordination!

This would make a great sensory activity for young babies who are still putting things in their mouth.  Almost every sense was reached during this playtime.  The bubble bath smelled of strawberries, the water was warm and colorful, and Jewel was exposed to an array of new sounds.

This simple playtime kept the girls happy and entertained on a day when we were in need of some fast indoor entertainment!  If you find yourself stuck indoors due to rain or extreme heat, why not let your little one take a rainbow bubble sink bath?

To make rainbow bubbles, fill the sink with bubbles and water.  Then add a few drops of food coloring in varying colors to the bubble mountains and use a popsicle stick (or any other object) to swirl the food coloring into the bubbles.  Couldn't be easier!  While I used traditional food coloring, you could also use Colorations liquid watercolors.  We used those the last time we made a Rainbow Bubble Bath.

If your child is too big for a sink bath, your little one could still enjoy this activity.  Fill the sink with rainbow bubbles, and throw in some toys.  Pull up a chair and let your little one splash around.  Not only will they have fun, but they will be cleaning some toys at the same time!

Rainbow Suds Sensory Play
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