Magnetic Letter Painting

 Rosie has recently taken an interest in the letters of her name.  We have been finding all sorts of ways to incorporate this interest into our playtimes.   One activity that Rosie really enjoyed was painting using the magnetic letters in her name.

Magnetic Letter Painting

For this activity, you will need magnetic letters and a magnetic wand.  I purchased my magnetic wand here

To set up this activity, Rosie selected paint colors and helped me squirt them onto a piece of cardboard pulled from recycling.  We spelled Rosie's name using magnetic letters and placed them in the middle of the paint puddles.  Then, I held the cardboard for Rosie while she moved the wand around on the  underside of the piece of cardboard.  Given my involvement, capturing pictures was hard to do, but believe me when I tell you Rosie was amazed at how the letters magically moved across the surface of the board.

Once Rosie had her fill of painting using the magnetic wand we set the cardboard on the ground, and Rosie continued painting with the letters, using them as though they were a brush or other painting tool.

Early literacy activities
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As she painted, we talked about the letters, and how they spelled her name.

Rosie's finished magnetic name painting!
Early literacy actrivities

This activity was great for exploring a bit of Science and early literacy in a way that Rosie really enjoyed! 


Here are some of the other fun ways we have enjoyed painting:
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